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Morocco, a Halieutic Power in Africa thanks to the Impulse of King Mohammed VI according to Mr. Taoufik EL KTIRI


Morocco, a Halieutic Power in Africa thanks to the Impulse of King Mohammed VI according to Mr. Taoufik EL KTIRI

Léonce Aissoun
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As part of the workshop on communication for a sustainable and inclusive blue economy co-organized by the ATLAFCO and the MOSFA, we had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Taoufik EL KTIRI, current Executive Secretary of the Ministerial Conference on Halieutic Cooperation among African States bordering the Atlantic Ocean (ATLAFCO). Mr. EL KTIRI shared with us his expertise on the predominant role that Morocco plays as a halieutic power in Africa, under the impulse of King Mohammed VI.

Question: Mr. EL KTIRI, you have described Morocco as a halieutic power in Africa. Can you explain how Morocco stands out in this field?

Mr. EL KTIRI: First and foremost, it is important to underline the very important role of the “Halieutis” strategy, launched in 2009 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in the development of the maritime fishing sector in Morocco. This strategy has brought a new dynamic to the sector, focusing on sustainability, competitiveness, and the valorization of halieutic resources. Thanks to the commitment of public authorities and operators in the blue economy sector, Morocco has achieved significant objectives in terms of exploitation and preservation of resources.

Question: What role does artisanal fishing play in the Moroccan halieutic sector?

Mr. EL KTIRI: Artisanal fishing is a vital and dynamic segment in Morocco, with around 17,700 operating parks. It occupies a central place in the national fishing system. Through a new strategy focused on artisanal and coastal segments, workers in the sector now benefit from social protection and coverage, which contributes to improving their quality of life.

Question: Is gender integration important in the fishing sector in Morocco?

Mr. EL KTIRI: Absolutely, the gender approach is fundamental in our sector. We have women decision-makers at all levels of responsibility, enriching our field of activity. Women hold key positions within the main decision-making structures of the sector, demonstrating their importance and essential contribution to our success.

Question: Lastly, what are the challenges posed by the Atlantic Initiative of Morocco?

Mr. EL KTIRI: The Atlantic Initiative of Morocco, launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, is a historical and strategic turning point for the country and for all African States. This initiative aims to strengthen solidarity and integration on the continent, contributing to food security, human development, and overall economic growth. As the Executive Secretary of ATLAFCO, an intergovernmental organization, we are committed to supporting this vision and working towards its success.

Interview by Wilfrid Lawilla DIANKABAKANA in Fes (Morocco)


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